Sunday, May 25, 2008

McCain No War Hero

This stuff about John McCain being a war hero is very annoying yet seems to go unquestioned. Would we call a Soviet soldier captured and tortured in Afghanistan during their invasion and attempted subjugation a “war hero?” We should have every sympathy for the terrible trauma the soldier suffered and not wish it on anyone, but we should also acknowledge that people engaged in criminal and immoral acts, like the bombing that John McCain did in Vietnam and just being apart of an unprovoked US attack on another country, aren’t heroes. Even if the soldier is ignorant of what their country is doing – like most of the soldiers in Iraq – there is some measure of responsibility that they should be held to and not treated as sacred icons. And the population of the country doing the attacking and occupying should also share some responsibility, they’re paying for it (me included). Not as much responsibility as the leaders who lied us into the attack, but some.

In an odd way John McCain did the moral thing by giving aid to the enemy since "the enemy" had right on their side since they were fighting for their national liberation against an external aggressor (the US).

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