Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bald Ambition in Hardcover

My book Bald Ambition is now out in a non-virtual form. It has a cool cover. And it already has a negative review! Today it ranked 44th in Books>Nonfiction>Philosophy>Criticism.

You can get it at amazon.


mbauwens said...

hi jeff, let's talk about having your book as 'book of the week' on the p2p blog ..

Michel Bauwens

Derek said...

Congratulations Jeff. I look forward to the day when one can use the words 'integral' and 'science' in the same sentence without being assumed to be a mindless follower of Wilber.

n a r k o s said...

a hardback bald ambition! :) who would have thought of such a thing back in the days of shambhala's forum, where your book was forged... congratulations!

now, where's the negative review?! to my great surprise, i find instead the long-gone, disenchanted ZERO, showing up out of the blue with a glowing review. glad to see that the good old wilberites are still around, cursing their master. let me know if you ever manage to get together a wilber cult assembly--i'd love to participate :)

Jeff Meyerhoff said...

Hi Narkos,

The Shambhala Wilber forum was my first taste of putting something on the internet. It was exciting.

The negative review of my book was taken off because the reviewer admitted he hadn't read the book in the review. I thought that keeping it on might be a good thing, generating controversy and showing the silliness of some on the opposing side.

Oh, is Zero disenchanted? Doesn't seem to be when I hear from him.